Julian Mandernach aka. Selektivton studies scenic arts at Stiftung Universität Hildesheim and works as a musician, DJ, director and actor. Besides releases with „Techno Frühstück“, „Songfabrik“ and as „Selektivton“, he created the sound and music for several performances, movies and exhibitions. He was working with „kopf.sprungpräsentiert“, „marks&schleker“, Laurin Thiesmeyer, Peer Ripberger and others. The project „Origin“, which he created with Philipp Mohr, was shown at the „Winter Lights at Canary Wharf“ in London and at „Hildesheimer Lichtungen“ Since 2014 he’s member of the dance and acting group „Skomrah Corona“. He directed the short movies „2wEi“, „Alleinstreit“ and „Das Scheitern des Idealisten Samuel B.“ He leaded several theatre and music groups for teenagers at schools and theatres.